Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sooo thankful

It might be too little too late, but I am so thankful for my baby showers and to the people that threw them for me. My first shower was with family and friends and it was organized by Mamie and Libbie, and we had so much fun. I love my sister-in-laws and am so thankful for all they do for me. They did such a great job, the food was fantastic, we played some fun games, and just enjoyed each other.

With Mamie

With my cutie

The second baby shower was from work with my coworkers from the theater, but it was organized and hosted by Diane, she is manager there and I spent many hours working with this wonderful lady. She did all the work for my shower herself and I am so thankful for all she did, everything was perfect and we had a great time. She is such a nice and selfless person, I feel so blessed to know her and to be her friend.

With Diane


We got so many amazing presents that are so useful, I have so much fun dressing Yasen in the cute clothes he got and there are so many presents that we will be using when he grows older and we can’t wait. Tyson and I are so thankful to all of you for all the presents, the advice, support and love.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

He is everything

Our baby boy is growing so much and so fast. He is our little sunshine and he makes us so happy. He is showing his little personality and we love it, he loves to eat (this why he is such a chunk), he loves his hands, loves to sleep on grandma, and she loves to hold him, he has old man hair, makes the cutes faces and he loves to take a bath. He is doing really well, I just wish he was sleeping better at night, but I was fortunate to have my mom for such a long time, and I am so blessed to be stay at home mom and being able to take care of my little baby. Here are some pictures of him. He is a cutie!

With Grandma

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Our cute little baby

Yasen Allen Reil

born 10/08/09

20 inches

6 lbs 6 oz

Exactly one month ago today our baby was born. The only reason I am updating this so late is because I have been so busy with my little boy. Being a mom is wonderful, he's a good baby sleeping and eating a lot. He has gained so much weight, 3 lbs in three weeks and grew 1 inch amazing! I get so much help, my mom is here and she does so much, too bad I have her for only one more week, but I am enjoying all the help, her company, and pray that I will be able to do it all without her. Yasen has all of us wraped around his little finger, Tyson adores his little boy and loves being a dad and I feel so blessed to have them in my life. Here are some pictures of our cutie sweetie.

With Mommy and Daddy

With Daddy

With Mommy