Thursday, December 11, 2008

Big News

I know I haven’t posted anything in what seems to be forever; however school, working at DHL, and at the theater occasionally keeps me plenty busy. I love school it is going really well and I am learning so much. I always wanted to go to school, and I feel so blessed to be in college. Now for the big news….. No, we are not pregnant yet. We are still trying and we hope that will happen for us, but when it does you won’t find out from the blog. TYSON IS DONE WITH SCHOOL!!!! It seems like its been so long since he started, but these last four years have gone by fast, and we are glad to be done with this portion of his schooling. He finished with a 3.63 GPA (I know he’s a smarty pants) working more than full time for most of the time. I’m really proud of my cutie, and am thankful for all the sacrifices he did for our little family. Now I hope he can find a good job.