Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas and other important events!

At the beginning of December we blessed Yasen, it was wonderful and he did so well. He cried right until the moment of the blessing and suddenly he was quiet and good, I am so happy, I was really worried about it, but it was all well, I think Heavenly Father helps babies be good and reverent during this special moment. Tyson did a great job blessing our precious little boy and I hope he grows up to fulfill everything that he was blessed with. We had the support of family and friends and later we had cake at Mamie’s house, it was a great day.

A week later Yasen went to his first wedding and met his aunt Emily for the first time, he loved her, he was smiling at her and being so cute.

On Christmas Eve we visited The Trusty’s before celebrating with Tyson’s family, and they had presents for Yasen, one of them was a cute little Santa Clause outfit, we dressed him in it right there and he was so adorable, thanks nana Trusty! We had fun celebrating with the family, having good food and singing Christmas songs. Yasen of course was the hit of the party with his cuteness and his adorable outfit (I am sorry for the bragging, but we are proud parents of the cutest boy ever)!

We had a quiet New Years celebration, but we are so exited and hopeful for the upcoming year and for all the wonderful things in store for us with our little baby.