Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We are having a baby boy!

Hello again after what seems like years of not posting. There are so many things happening in our little family I just needed to find the time to share them. We are pregnant and we are having a boy. At the first ultrasound they gave us the date of October 16th, that didn’t work with our dates of how far along we are so today when I talked to my doctor he said to go off the date of my last period, and the revised due date is October 21st. I know anything could happen, but I am glad that the due date is not on my birthday anymore; I just believe that everyone deserves their own special day. I can feel the baby kick already and it is so cute it makes me smile every time, it actually took me awhile to recognize them as kicks because they are so slight and gentle and feel like a little bubble, it is hard to even describe. Tyson is able to feel the baby too and he is so happy and both of us are really excited for this little miracle growing inside my belly. Here are pictures from the last ultrasound, he looks so cute and he has a big belly. Also a picture of me pregnant I am not really showing yet, at the time of the picture I was 18 weeks and three days. I will try to be better at posting, so this way all of you can be part of this important event.

Head and tummy

Little hand

Pregnant me!