Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Family Reunion
Two weeks ago we had the Reil’s family reunion in Camp Ensign. It was more like real camping compared to the last year’s, but was still so much fun. We were able to enjoy family, have lots of fun, and good food. Things were different for me this year since I’m pregnant and couldn’t do much, but it was nice to just spend time with the family.

Tyson loves his cute nieces

Last weekend we went to Seattle to visit Tyson’s best friend Kyle and his family. That was the first time for us to visit since they moved there. On Saturday we went to down town Seattle, we had lunch at The Crab Pot. Our friends saw the restaurant featured on the travel’s channel show “Man vs. Food” and although we are not big seafood eaters we agreed to try it out, it was delicious and we had a great time there. We also visited Pike street market and I thought it was pretty cool I have never been in down town Seattle before and it reminded me of home, I can’t
wait to return again and see some more.

They dumped all the food in the table, which was part of the expience!I loved it!


Tatiana said...

Awe, yay! We loved having you guys! And you're right that food was so good, even if the eyeballs were still attached :P.

Sonet SEO Team said...

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